Sabtu, 11 November 2017

After school activities and burnout

For millions of parents around the world, the day does not end with the school bell. This all adds up to keeping kids happy, safe and out of trouble. But, parents have to steer clear of going overboard.

When to stop:
Often, parents enroll their child in an activity to discover that he may not be the prodigy they believed he'd be. This is the time to let go. Your child may not turn into the next wonder-kid. However, let's cultivate an interest that he enjoys. Remember, happiness and satisfaction are all that matter.

After college is not baby-sitting:
After school activities thrive only if it's backed by adequate parental involvement. What would a soccer match be without parents cheering their little heroes from the sidelines? .
Rather than advantage being the crucial factor, find things out that will interest your child. Once you select a program, get the fine print and discover out what you have to contribute.

Spare time:
Many children attend piano courses, followed closely by ballet and squeeze in some time for play dates in between just before they hurry home in time for bed. This rigor is too much for a young child.

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